Finally found a way to lose weight!?


So ive been struggling with losing weight and my periods being irregular, and my dr keeps telling me I need to lose weight now before my weight becomes worse and the added weight makes my periods even more irregular. Nothing i was doing was helping me lose, but my mom’s friend is a doctor and she had an unorthodox idea. We decided to try “the skinny shot” also known as the Lipo shot or the b12 shot. Her thought process behind it was the shot effects your livers fat metabolism therefore effecting your insulin levels. And something about estrogen being housed in fat cells. She made me no promises and told me why not try it and see what happens... what happened was something I wasn’t expecting to say the least... in one week I’ve lose 10 POUNDS. I was 157 and stepped on the scale and saw 147... I got off and back on the scaled so many times to double check I couldn’t believe it. I have tried everything under the sun for weight loss and this has been a huge help. I’m also working out and eating very clean currently but the results were crazy to me! We’re not sure what’s next if the weight will stay off or if this is just temporary. Has anyone tried this before!? Let me know I’m wondering why my regular doctor hasn’t mentioned this???