Build a home💕

M • 23 || ✋🏻 born and raised || 🌸 child

I want to build a home with you. No, I don’t mean a three bedroom house with the white picket fence. And I don’t mean a wrap around porch with his and hers chairs sitting eloquently beside the front entryway (although none of this stuff sounds too bad). I don’t even mean a geographical location. Not to say that we can’t make a place like that into a home, with our love I think we could make anywhere a home. But when I say I want to build a home, I mean I want to build a home within you. I want my trust in you to build the foundation of where I will find myself curled in bed with you on the darkest nights. I want our love to build the walls that will stand around us. While the earth may quake, my love with you will stand firm. Our roof will be comprised of forgiveness. In each other, in others, within ourselves. I will not claim to be a perfect lover, but I will never fail to love you deeply and I will continue to fall with or without a net. Because loving you has been the most beautiful and terrifying experience of my entire life, and I am quite sure that I never want it to stop. But one thing that I wish could stop is: time. While I stand in this home with you, my hand embraced in yours, I could only pray that time could stand still for just a moment more. This home of ours is beautiful. We have filled the inside with priceless memories woven into the fabrics of the blankets that drape over the couches, with collections of things which remind us of each other placed delicately on shelves, and pictures that evoke precious emotions hanging along the walls. Our home is just that, ours. And while I can’t stop time, I can chose to live with the time I have. And no matter how long that is, I want it here, with you. So no matter where we find ourselves on the map, I can always find myself finding comfort in you.