Amniocentesis question


I recently did the early blood testing to check for some chromosomal abnormalities such S trisomy 13 and 18 and also Down Syndrome. We got the results back and they are very low risk, less than 1% chance. We previously suffered 2 losses prior to this with one of them having chromosomal abnormalities which caused us to have to terminate. With my history, they recommended to have an Amniocentesis but it’s totally up to me if I want to proceed. I do understand that the amnio checks more than what the blood test does. My husband and I have talked about proceeding, my husband is concerned because the amnio does carry a small risk of miscarriage. We both feel pretty confident with the results from our blood test and are thinking of not proceeding with the amnio. I have messaged my dr about this, just waiting for her response though. I just wanted some opinions on proceeding with the amnio even though our blood test revealed very low risk of abnormalities.

Thank you!!!!!