Real talk! I need answers


So last month I sadly started my period so still trying this month. My period ended the 17th and 2 days ago up until now i has EWCM. Which was weird because I wasn’t even supposed to be fertile and now today, I’m supposed to be in my fertile window and supposedly ovulating on the 30th according to my calendar, and I have a hard cervix and what looks like it’s becoming creamy cm. I don’t take OPK’s or BBT. So I’m really going off my cm Bc I know I can get pregnant, I got pregnant last time without trying which sadly ended in a miscarriage. So could I have ovulated early? Like a week and a half after my period I feel like is too early since I’m on a 33 day cycle 🤭 regardless I had sex everyday since my period. So I know that if I did, I didn’t miss it. But am I supposed to still go off my calendar even though my cm is saying something different? Hellppp I’m going nuts over here.