Side Note:

There’s no Magic’s potion for conceiving it just happens. Try to be relaxed more because stressing each cycle is just Ruining ur chances too. I conceived right away but I never stressed over it at all I just enjoy making love. Then boom it happened. I was so clueless to everything because I never thought about kids. Then I got with my current boyfriend and he wanted kids and I gave in. But I see soo many women trying for so long and I think it’s stress. Stressing without even knowing it. Try it just forget about it and go back to ur old life and you’ll be surprised I’m sure. And don’t ever say ur going to give up because ur not. You want it and you will always want it until ur pregnant. I guess I am truly blessed because it happened right away for me and I realized it from others sharing. It will happened but let it happened.

It’s said that the first trimester is very fragile soo stressing over trying to figure out if ur pregnant that could cause chemicals too. Sending baby dust to all you beautiful ladies