Lost it tonight

Cass❤️ • Mom of 1 👦 & TTC for #2 🌈

Lost it tonight on my husband. Had a positive OPK yesterday and tried to do the deed tonight. Well he said " he's too tired, it's 11pm". Well I lost it, after a year of trying, a MC and then another 7 months of trying. I lost it. He constantly wakes me up at like 2am for sex. I lost it, I cried and I told him there is no reason to even go through all the infertility testing, ultrasounds and doctor appointment's if we can't even have sex during the right time. I was losing it. This has stressed me out so much and he is careless about it.

Tonight I just want to give up on even trying at this point.

This ladies is what a breakdown looks like 😢

Oh not to mention he said "oh my goodness" when I said we won't get pregnant if we don't have sex at the right time. Also said I can't change the reproductive cycle or the statistics ..

Yep I lost it :( please tell me I'm not the only one who had a slight breakdowns