My little May baby is here.

Lauren • 31, partner is 35. We have three children, William 10, Georgia 2 & Eliza just born. I work with domestic abuse victims in the north east of England. Partner is a roofer/joiner.

I had my May 9th baby on April 25th at 38 weeks exactly via planned c section.

Eliza Grace was born at 9.12am weighing 5lb 14ozs.

I had a planned section due to failed induction in my last pregnancy at 39 weeks, which caused a placental abruption (at least that may have been the cause). And we had issues during this pregnancy also. I had gestational diabetes this time round as well, and was on 2 metformin per day and also 32 units of insulin throughout the day, both slow and quick release.

Eliza passed all of her sugar tests when born and I've been fine since. Have a repeat glucose test on the 10th of June to make sure I'm all good, and then a yearly blood test to check for type 2 diabetes.