Not sure how to fix this..


Posting this here as well because I would like some input and I dont think many people saw my post on the mental health support group.

I'm not sure what I'm expecting by writing this, maybe I just need to vent a little. Recently I've been having little arguments here and there with my boyfriend of 2 yrs. We're both in our mid 20s and we live together. I work from home and he works for a company that services funerals. I've struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, but most of my depression seems to be hormonal (I have a hormone imbalance I just started taking meds for about a month ago, and stopped my bc pills about 6 months ago because of this). So I get pretty cranky around my period. Lately this past 2 weeks his friend from out of town has been staying with us so weve been having a lot of late nights & staying up drinking & hanging out. Idk about you ladies but after about 11pm I get a lil tired and cranky sometimes, but nothing crazy lol. And I am going away on vacation this week, I've been worried about leaving my dog because she has separation anxiety and issues with aggression, and shes fought with my bf's moms dog a few times so we keep them separated. I'm usually the one who keeps an eye on them and makes sure they dont interact or fight, so going away for a week is making me super nervous. My bf has made several comments the past few days that I'm "in a bad mood comstantly" I truly disagree. I think I am usually in a good/neutral mood, but the past few weeks I've just been getting upset about small things here and there. I dont think I've been unpleasant to be around, and definitely not "constantly". I told him that I feel he is exaggerating, and that it's tough because when I'm happy, hes bummed out from work and then that kills my mood. Then when I get bummed, he tells me im like that all the time and he hates my attitude. Sometimes I feel as though I'm speaking normally and he tell me I am speaking with an attitude. I'm not sure how to fix this or how to see myself from his perspective. Everytime I talk to him about this issue he makes it seem like I am not viewing myself and my own actions/attitude clearly. How can I get a better understanding myself? I have seen a therapist before but I feel that's not helpful because they only know about me what I tell them, and now I'm thinking that everything I thought I knew about myself and my personality was wrong. I'm feeling lost and worried and confused.