My Birth Story - Induced Labour


I haven't shared my story yet, too buey having fum with my baby girl. Here it is.

I found out I was pregnant at 3weeks old so I decided to surprise my husband... the pregnacy went smoothly.

People would tell me orlh you are going to have a c-section because you are small. I am "4'9 LOL. And I Kept telling them what ever is best for the baby I have nothing againdt c-section. At this point doctors haven't said anything about me having a c-section because my pregnacy was healthy, the only thing that they had to monitor was my blood pressure it was high.

I was going through fetal testing twice a week to make sure I am bot contracting early. I started that at 3rd trimaster and I was contracting but wasn't feeling anything what so ever. So they ended up sending me to the hospital, and did so many tests found out everything was good. I was just dehudrated so I had to drink more water than usual.

At 37 weeks I went to get an ultrasound come to finding out that my baby girls dtomach was measuring small so they requested for me to not wait any long and get induced that Saturday. This appointment was Monday. I was so excited to tell my husband that our baby girl is going to be here soon.

Lol he didn't beloeve me so I explained to him why that is. He finally calmed down and got so excited. So that Saturday we finally went to the hospital veey excited. We packed as if we were going to be gone for weeks lol. It's our first we were just so excited.

I was induced on January 17th didn't give birth until the 22nd 😏😳🤔- our baby girl was not ready to come to this crazy world yet. 🤣. They tried so many different things to progress the dialation and I was just chillong lol. Theu did the balloon method, the pill method were they stuck that tiny pill into twat twat & servix that was mot fun so painful especialtly tge balloon. After they did the balloon method I was in so mucu paint that I couldn't move and I just wanted to swear at that point. Lol I was sayinv Oh Lordy My what the heck is this🤣😂.

After a couple of hours I told them I wanted to get the epidural bevaise I was i so much pain, I xouldn't sleep and I was so tiered I just wanted to sleep. Getting the Wpidural was nerve wrecking for me bevause the idea of a needle going i to my spine. It was painful but I admit I was so at ease when I got it it worked and I didn't have any side affect after.

So Tuesday finally comes we start doing the practice pushes. At some point the doctor came in and said that if your contractions haven't progressed wothin an hour we will have to do C-Section and I was totally fine with that. Because my water had broken already and it was broken for 18 hours that too long. That's why they were preparing me for potential c-section.

An hour later I started to push because I was progressing. I was pushing for 3 hours and 45 minutes I was so tiered and just ready. Lol my daughter was very stubborn just like her daddy lol. 🤣.

She finally came and the nurses, doctors started making sure she was breathing because she didn't cry right away so we went through the suspense for a little bit. I was not nervous at all I was very relaxed. She finally started crying and my husband felt relieved. She was so tiny.

She weighed 5pounds and 14oz such a healthy happy baby🥰❤

This is her at birth

This is her now at 3momths