My mother is toxic and I don’t know what to do

Let me just give a brief backstory.

My mom and dad divorced when I was six. Both were bad for each other but my dad got better and my mom got worse. My mom had an affair on my dad and denies it to this day. She ended up staying with the man she had an affair with. He mentally, emotionally and physically abused me and my siblings. He played favorites with me to try to get my other sibling to resent me. He also abuses my mom mentally and emotionally, I don’t know if he puts his hands on her. She knows what he did to us and she still married him. They moved to the middle of nowhere and My siblings and I got the hell out ASAP.

My mom and I don’t have much of a relationship because I refuse to kiss up to my step dad. I will not go to their house alone and I will not be alone with any of them. My mom has a huge victim mentality, she will cry and say how she messed up so bad, but it’s only to make me feel guilty. We’re practically strangers. She just makes me so uncomfortable to be around her. It’s like I walk on egg shells because she over analyzes everything I say. She doesn’t make an effort to get to know me, she just randomly texts me good night or something brief. When I do see her it’s so awkward, and I don’t like when she touches me.

But anyway this morning she texts me and I text her back and this was her response

I just don’t understand how to respond to that? She won’t do the bare minimum to know who I am and calls me bitter because I have boundaries? Am I crazy? I know it seems sad from her side but I promise she’s just trying to make me feel bad.