Negative commentary


Hey guys! As mentioned in a previous post, my partner and I are about to be college grads on this coming Saturday (May 4), we also found out that we’re expecting. I’m just coming up on 6 weeks and am due 12/23/19. Now we are both super excited about both milestones and although the pregnancy wasn’t planned, we have already started planning on jobs, living situations, picking an obgyn and a hospital and so forth. Although I’m still early on my pregnancy, little nugget is kicking my butt and I’m taking everyday one day at a time as I am a first time mom, and everyday is new for both myself and my partner. Since finding out he has been very supportive and excited to share this journey with me. We haven’t told many people yet but his family has been way more accepting than mine. His mom is even way more excited than we are. My grandmother hasn’t really taken the news well (granted I wasn’t expecting her to be over the moon about it) but she’s even told me that I’m not gonna go to medical school because I’m having a baby, she’s said things to me like “you mom and dad weren’t in your life so why would you put a child through that.” (I never met my dad and my mom passed away when I was 7). My response being, my child will have both its parents in its life and yeah doing medical school will be a lot more challenging with a child but not impossible. Because of her negativity I’ve cut down talking to her from everyday to once a week. It really hurts my feelings because although I know she’s disappointed I was still expecting her to be supportive and have some belief in me. It hurts because my partners family has really been here for me and I am beyond greatful, I just wish my grandma was the same. We have stalled on telling other people and even posting in social media platforms because of peoples opinions. I know I can’t really handle all of that right now and honestly I really don’t want anyone else to know because I don’t want to deal with what everyone has to say because I feel like a majority of it will be negative. Do you all have any advise on how to deal with other people’s negative commentary and/or side jokes/remarks??