How come?!

How come it seems like sometimes the not so loyal girls get the good guys ?:/

I love my friend, but for the life of me this woman cheated on her husband and continued talking to the guy even after she confessed.. they did therapy for a few months and moved forward. Her husband loves her like there is no tomorrow. She has this huge ring on her finger that he has bought for the 3rd time because she lost the other two..

I have another friend, she cheated on her hubby 3 times with 3 different man, even thought she was in love with one of them and wanted to leave.. but her husband let her come back. He proposed to her again..

Both my friends are loved like there is no tomorrow. And then there is me, never cheated, never even looked at a man in any disrespectful way and I get cheated on and told he was falling for her and even wanted to leave me for her lol

I know every relationship is different. I do wish my husband adored me like the way my friends husbands adore them.