Would you be upset?

Been TTC with my boyfriend for about two years. We got test and all done and all is wrong is his morphology. We knew it was him bc he had unprotected sex with his ex for 3 years and now she has a kid with someone else not even s year after they broke up. We got a doctors word and got told his morphology is 3.5 has to be 4. He drinks so much soda a day. He claims he wants a baby as bad as me but I think he’s saying it to make me feel good. He’s 24 almost 25. Anyway, I been on him like drink water for once cut back on so much caffeine stop with the junk food eat healthier but as always, in one ear... out the other. We live together and I bought a whole case of water for him to start off being healthier and what do you know he goes and buys a whole case of coke and drinks it at home and takes it to work and drinks maybe 7-8 cans a day. On top of gatorade. No water at all. Once in a while he’ll take a sip if I’m lucky. We ordered fertilaid to help his sperm get healthy and he literally has to be reminded EVERY DAY to take it. I mean it’s right on the cabinet he can’t miss it. I told him last night to take it and he said when we get back from dinner and what do you know? It didn’t happen. I told him I won’t rush to have a baby, if he’s not ready I get it. Then he’ll say he can’t wait and wants it more than anything and etc etc. He shows in no way he wants one or plans on being healthier to help the process. What would you do? Do I give up?