Annoyed 😴😴

Pamala • FTM to my babygirl ❤❤ 10/20 ❤❤

Okay so I don't have friends and I'm currently in between jobs and me and my man's had plans to go to an event and camp out this weekend. Well apprently because of the weather he told me I couldn't go. Mind you he leaves stupid early for work and don't get back till 10 11pm everyday and it's bad enough I'm already super deppresed from sitting in the house all the time and having no luck findinh a job and apprently since I'm 15 weeks pregnant it's the perfect excuse to tell me I cant go camping with him at this event since it's supposed to rain and "don't want me getting sick" like wtf? One I think I can make that choice for my damn self and it's not like I'm gonna be splashing in puddles and getting drenched. It's called dress warm and don't be walking around in the rain. It wouldn't be the first time I've went in this type of weather and was perfectly fine after words. I'm just so annoyed. I'm tired of sitting in my fucking room by myself having no one to talk to. This is the only time I can get away and actually spend time with him and ofc I get that taken away too. I'm just so done 😔😔😔😔😔