I'm uncomfortable

So I found out I was pregnant right when I turned 16 (I'm now 19) and I moved in with my boyfriend and his grandparents. Well I was pregnant during summer time and wore tank tops and shorts most of the time but one day his grandfather told his son "look how full shes getting thats how I could tell she was pregnant" it made me so uncomfortable I dont wear tank tops or shorts anymore and I'm now 19. Well flashback to January 1st of this year (yes were still living here my boyfriend for some reason doesn't want to get a place but thats another story) on January 1st I was wearing leggings and a fitted shirt and my boyfriend and his grandfather were sitting outside and I went outside to talk to my boyfriend and I felt his grandfather looking at me out the side of my eye so I quickly looked at him and I saw his eyes go from looking down at my private part straight up to my eyes as soon as I caught him so I looked away really quick and kept talking and he was like "hey, hey, hey" so finally I said "hey" but wouldn't look his way and he said "you cant talk to me without looking at me" its like he started saying hey and making conversation bc he knew I caught him if that makes sence?? And ever since that happen I stay in the room all the time, I hate going down stairs around him, or to even get some food for my daughter and I. Me and my daughter are hopefully moving out before July thank goodness.