Slow fluid leak?


I'm 37+3 weeks and this morning I woke up wet. My pants were pretty soaked, last night I was having cramps and pretty intense BH. My daughter is so low I feel her move when touching my vagina. I had 2 other babies and both came at 37 weeks . (Healthy and natural) my 1st my water never broke just started contractions and I don't remember them ever breaking it, 10 years ago lol, but I put on a pad this morning and have had slow fluid still leaking out here and there. The smell is nothing iv smelt before in any of my pregnancies, its not pee, it doesn't smell like ammonia at all! Smells like a mix between semen and a sweet scent. Idk my normal discharge doesn't smell. And it comes out when I lay down or move a certain way. Not a lot at all now but this morning was super noticeable. I don't want to go into the hospital and waste 4hrs just to be told its discharge. But it's so hard to tell. It's clear and watery but iv had discharge like that in my 2nd trimester to but didn't have any smell at all. This has a sent for sure but not pee! Kinda mushy smell. It's so hard to distinguish but iv never smelt it before. Could it be a leak? I msged my obgyn but waiting on a response. If you had a slow leak of amniotic fluid what was your experience?