BFP after 2 miscarriages😭😭

I had the first miscarriage June 5, 2017 and the second November 19, 2018, both were with the same guy.

The first test I took was at 12 DPO and second one 13 DPO. This was completely unexpected considering the fact it has not happened for NOTHING in the world after the last miscarriage. I was just feeling really tired and my bestfriend (the bd) made a statement two days in a row insinuating that I was pregnant and I did not believe him but decided to test anyway and was in complete shock when I seen the results (still is).

I guess this really scares me because it’ll let me know if I was the problem with the two previous miscarriages or if it was my ex.

I’m excited, couldn’t ask for a better person to be pregnant by BUT I’m terrified shitless......