do you salt your 🍉? (/husband appreciation post)


my husband puts salt on his watermelon and i didn’t even know this was a thing!!! 🙈🙈

how common is this? 🤣

also wanted to share that he came and woke me up during a nap and said “Happy Anniversary babe!” (our first anniversary was last weekend but we couldn’t celebrate due to me having to be an hour away at my parents for a really early OBGYN appointment the next day) he said “I got you perennials so they come back every year, just like my love for you” ♥️🤣 thanks babe i love you too 😂😂

i can’t wait to become parents to the cutest and most amazing little boy in the world. we will miss you while you’re gone, but I could never do what you do for this country and for that we thank you ♥️🇺🇸😊💙 due in June with our first child, and shortly after he officially gets shipped overseas for 9 months. We’ll be waiting for you!!

(my twinsies pic before i cut the watermelon lol) (also i really didn’t know what group to put this in so sorry!!)

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