So I recently got engaged and the guys has two very beautiful children whom he had in a previous marriage to a mother who ran out in them, the youngest being a couple months old at the time and the oldest being 5. Now don’t get me wrong I came to love the idea of being a mom and being in my age started to wonder if I’d ever have the chance, especially seeing all my friends and family branch into their own family trees.

Here the problem, the littles is a brat. God forgive me to say that about a future daughter buts she’s a 7 year old tyrant. And his mother enables her to the core. She screams, throws tantrums and curses. Any little thing I do in honestly trying to correct this kind of behavior gets called out by mother in law and she ends up getting her way.

By correcting I mean telling her no, not letting her have something even through screaming or demanding it. By taking things away her bike privileges when she curses. It’s gotten to the point of her threatening me with her grandma if things don’t go her way. I’m just at my limit and don’t know on how to go about this situation and wondering if I’m just a crappy mom. I’m starting to feel like a crappy mom.

And I know the situation that happened with her mother can’t be easy, I can’t imagine my mother running off on me and not seeing her for two years. The little boy though is a dream and calls me ma and I just want that with her. Could use some advice before this really starts taking a toll on my relationship, I feel so shitty for saying this but I’m really starting to not like her and she deserve a better mom then that.