Mom says

I’m not allowed to get married before her... I’m honestly a bit upset by this especially since she wants to have the SAME color scheme I’ve wanted my whole life. She’s been engaged to my stepdad for almost 10 yrs and they’ve yet to get married, my fiancé and I want to get married a few months after my 18th bday (anytime after next January) we have a 3mo daughter and are high school sweethearts, but my mom says I’m “not allowed” to be married before her. Obviously I can get married whenever I please after I turn 18 but I’m pretty annoyed at her statement. She’s tried to control my life her whole life and has even been trying to raise my daughter and acting like she’s hers which already makes me extremely annoyed. I’m just curious of other people’s thoughts on this? I know my stance and wonder what others think.