Trouble having sex

Okay so a long story short so I can get some tips. It seems like we are no longer interested in each other. Our daughter is 2yrs old. She is still breastfed and although that doesn’t quite stop the show... I cant Help thinking of when we used to have sex in the most random of places such as the park the beach at his job on the workout track and restaurants to name a few. However when our daughter was born, I went through ppd and lost my sex drive during that time. I am now better and I want it damn near everyday. We have sex but not often. And when we do its in our living room or the guest room. We went from being spontaneous to just boring. No foreplay no anything just a quick stick, push, and cum. Ive mentioned this to him and all he says yea he misses those days. He’s just tired from work and that it will happen. Mind you, our daughter is 2 and Ive been complaining about this before her 1st bday.

Do You ladies have any tips for me or any advice it will truly be appreciated