TMI: black period blood for the whole duration of my period????


Okay so I was 2 weeks late for my period (note: that’s not uncommon, they’re usually always irregular but I was still worried since I’m sexually active.... it’s important to note that in October I had my copper IUD inserted and since then my period has been heavier and I’ve gotten cramps and sometimes it varies but that’s usually the majority of my periods so far) but for the past 5 days so far I’ve been having literal black blood for the entire duration of my period? But there would also be spotting of actual red blood but it would go away straight after and continue black and brown?

I read somewhere it could be something stuck up there... could it be my iud?? Because a few days prior to that my partner and I were being intimate and we had to stopped bc he felt the iud (and that hasn’t happened before) so could he have moved it out of place?

I don’t know I’m really worried that I may be pregnant or something is misplaced or something isn’t right,

I’d really appreciate any help :(