Meet My Babies !!! 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻

Selina • Mommy of Boy/Girl Twins 💙💖 & a Baby Boy 💙 ! From➡️Illinois 🤗 High hopes and BIG dreams☁️ Instagram➡️selinadeleonofficial Snapchat➡️thelatinachicaa

I can’t believe I’ve never introduced my kiddos to you all ! A big thank you to all the positive comments I got throughout the years and sorry if I haven’t replied back questions and comments . I’m a very busy mommy with Irish triplets but I definitely read all or most of them 😅

Meet Donovan Andrade ⬇️

Born : March 22nd

Time : 6:39pm

Weight : 4lbs 10oz

Delani Andrade ⬇️

Born : March 22nd

Time : 6:46pm

Weight : 3lbs 1oz

Dominic Andrade ⬇️

Born : February 9th

Time : 1:42pm

Weight : 6lbs 10oz

*These photos were taken for Easter 🐣

*If anyone has questions about what week I delivered or anything about my pregnancies or babies , please do ask ! I’ll try my best to answer every single question ! 😊

*Sorry if I didn’t post this in the right category