Feeling down in the dumps


9 dpo tomorrow, and today I have been hit with the fertility blues! Sorry I just need to vent, my friends and family are struggling to understand my situation as no one I know has had fertility issues.

I was quite positive up until today that I had done everything I could do, but today had a complete 180 and now feel so negative and very emotional!

Trying not to symptom spot, as I drove myself mad last cycle. I am currently suffering cold like symptoms, stuffy/runny nose and maybe that's why I am feeling down, but apart from that no symptoms (not that a cold is a symptom).

Been trying for 3 years, struggling to loose the weight I need to to get medical investigation/help. So each negative every month is just so upsetting.

Sadly I don't have time to take a break from trying, I turn 34 soon and don't want to be having a baby too late in life. Plus on the NHS you only get help until 35 which is another pressure.