Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this too?My boyfriend is getting out of the military in less than a month, I’m so excited to have him home. Our relationship hasn’t known anything other than distances and short weekend trips. I’m beyond ready for this to be over. But recently we have been fighting more and more, over dumb things. I struggle with anxiety it really doesn’t help the fights. I don’t know how to effectively cope with it yet and he doesn’t understand it completely. Anyways, there’s been a lot of tension between us, we’ve been talking less. I just don’t know if the tension is because he’s about to get out and his plans aren’t completely lined up or because he leaving a bunch of guys he considers brothers or if it’s all of it combined. I’m hoping that things will get better once we’re back home together. It’s just really overwhelming to feel like I’m loosing him. I get that transitions home are hard and maybe I’m being a little naive but I thought I would be the last person he would be fighting with right now.