Baby shower 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ does anyone even CARE about my registry? EDIT EDIT EDIT!!


I spent time, and brain power, and my heart putting together a baby shower registry for my first babe. Nothing is crazy pricey, nothing is unneeded.

Yet, here I am, just a few weeks from both of my showers, and ONE, count it- one- item has been purchased from my registry.

Uh, what??? Does aaanyone give a damn about what I want?? Or am I gonna just end up with a bunch of clothes, and shit I don’t want/need?

EDIT FOR ALL THE SWEET JUDGMENTAL WOMEN WHO CALLED ME ENTITLED: I personally won’t respond to each and every one of you, but let me share something with you. I posted initially that nothing on my registry was expensive...and I meant that. Meaning nothing I registered for for was more than $20. So get off of it.. for those who say it’s my “job to pay my way” and “I shouldn’t expect other people to purchase stuff I need for my child” ..obviously, I’m not expecting people to buy every damn thing for her. Jesus Christ, I know it can be hard, but use your brains. I didn’t once say “I’ll have nothing if they don’t buy me what I want” .. it’s not about that. I could have her tomorrow and have every single item I need. Get over YOUR entitled selves. I loveee how this app is all “empowering women” and giving “helpful advice” yet it seems almost every single one of you came here to make me feel bad about MYSELF, call me names, put me down. Honestly, that’s sad, and I hope you all feel better about yourselves. I was asking if I’d just end up with crap I don’t need, asking for peoples advice that had been there before. Now I know better. This app isn’t a forum for safe speak for women, it’s a place for bitter women who don’t get to have showers, or buy baby wipes from the dollar store, spread their animosity and judgement on other women. Neat. I won’t be using this app again to ask you closed minded rude women for anything else 👍🏻 thank you for ruining this for me

Aside from that, thank you to the few women who just answered my question. I get having a baby shower is a nice thing to have and I will enjoy it, even if no one brings presents. It’s not about being ungrateful, it’s about, if you’re going to shell out $20 of your own hard earned dollars, wouldn’t you prefer it be something my daughter and I can actually utilize? I’m going to a 7 year olds birthday party and I’m getting her something she wants. Isn’t that how things usually work? I didn’t realize I was such a horrible human being here lol.