So here's my last update here. I just want all of your opinions so please answer me below. Here's the situation. I'm stressed. Really.

Me and my hubby had sex few days ago. It was like 11 days ago. So we are both scared, and can't avoid abstinece that's why we used two types of birth control which is using condom and also pulling it out when he's about to ejaculate. We did that, we also checked the condom when we're starting and also at the end. There's no spill out happened, also slip off. So recently, I felt headaches and also before my expected period, I felt sore nipples. My period is supposed to start, and it didn't came until today. I'M 3 DAYS LATE. So I took home pregnancy test and it results negative. What should I do? Help me. I'm so stressed, I always think about this. PLEASE I NEED YOUR ADVICE. And please don't get mad at me, some are being mad about my questions. But I really need and have a purpose on why I always asked here. Because here is I only know where can help me. I NEED YOU ALL.