Tripp Grubbs

Emory • Momma to Tripp Grubbs born on May 5th at 3:22 pm. He was born at 1 pound 12.4 ounces and 12.79 inches long at 25 weeks.

Our baby boy is wonderful. He’s still breathing good and he’s doing so good with feedings. I could not be more proud of him. As you can tell he likes to kick back and relax! 2 days old and he’s already a rockstar

Update: Y’all!!! We got to hold him!!

I have never been more in love!!

Update 5/9: Baby boy is 4 days old and still fighting away. He has started to smile and yawn and even sneeze. We have gotten to up his milk so he’s getting 2ml every 3 hours now instead of just 2. He is having good poopie diapers which we are so excited about. He is still on 2ml of room air via nasal cannula but he’s doing wonderful.