WEIGHT GAIN 2nd pregnancy. Different approach.


My first pregnancy 12 years ago I gained a total of 49 pound (3.5 stone). My daughter arrived at 42 weeks via emergency c section, after 4 days of induced labour which did not progress. She weighed 7lb 10oz.

I was left feeling extremely depressed and it took me about 2 years to lose the extra body fat weight.

Her birth was very traumatic. I was only 20years old so I think this contributed to my struggles at adjusting to mum


I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and this made the whole experience of becoming a mum again very daunting.

I believe my weight gain really contributed to my depression.

12 years later and a lot wiser and conscious of my health. I have fallen pregnant again with my second girl.

Starting weight was 124 (8 stone 8)

I will be 34 weeks on Friday and currently weighing 139 (9 stone 9)

Total weigh gain 15 pounds (1 stone 1 pound)

I haven’t worked out at all, although before pregnancy I did. This decision was made because I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks 4 weeks before this pregnancy was confirmed.

I have always eaten clean but from the day I found out I was pregnant again, I have eaten SUPER clean!!

Whole foods mainly!

I feel extremely healthy and hope I can continue this once the baby is here. She has made me love myself more than I ever did before by nurturing my body with only the best nutrition.

I’m only 5 ft 1 so very petite.

I have a planned c section at 39 weeks 😁

I already know this time round will be different because I feel so different already.

I have energy, I like my changing body, I don’t feel worried about postpartum weight loss, I am comfortable and content.

Bellow is an example of what I eat in a day.