My abuser is back and I’m loosing my shit

Mandy • 💏2012 🎀👶🏼2014 👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻2019 👼🏻

Ok so a while back I posted about my abusive ex husband it was titled my fiancé saved my life or something like that if you want to see the full story on my page. I went through years of every type of abuse you can imagine and my ex husband always used to say “your never gonna leave me if you do I’ll hunt you down and bring you back” shortly after my fiancé I’m with now helped me get away from my ex my grandparents paid every penny of my divorce cause I had noting at the time and then my ex was sent to prison for some unknown reason. He was gone for 2 years in prison and I finally started to feel I was gonna be ok. But yesterday my dad called me and told me my younger brother who’s in high school was waiting at the bus stop and saw my ex husband driving back and forth by their house (my old house). He said he’s sure it was him. I haven’t spoke to him yet I’m going to ask him what type of car he was in but I am freaking out right now it’s been 7 years all together since I got away from him can I even do anything about the past to keep him away from me? He tried contacting me via facebook a year ago but my fiancé saw it and deleted it then blocked him cause he knew I’d stress over it but I wish he hadn’t of deleted it so I’d still have it for proof if I need it. I don’t know what to do