Help ..

Previously I was with a guy for 3 years. He was a super loving and caring guy. He’d do anything for me but sometimes we would fight..what relationship didn’t though? He proposed to me but I said no because of a lot of stuff going on and my parents hated him for no reason.

Later on, I started dating a guy named Aaron. He was also the sweetest guy but about a few months in he began treating me like shit. He would go on dating websites while dating me, he would message other girls to meet up while I was at work. Yet he would never message me back even when asking him a question. He would insult me for even asking him something. I also could only work set hours at my job so it forced me to stay and help at his family’s business. Aaron treats me good one minute then he treats me like shit. He always takes me places I wants to go and helps me out a lot.

Recently my ex was talking to me and I told him how everything was. I opened up about this physical and emotional abuse I go through here on a daily basis. I cannot move due to financial issues and can’t go back to my parents house. My ex offered I could live at his house.

I’m really torn at this moment. I don’t want to hurt Aaron or lose my family. I could risk everything to be happy (Maybe) or I could be stuck in a horrible relationship. Why am I in love with Aaron when I know how bad he is? It’s not his money, it’s not the sex or anything it’s just him as a person. I’m so confused.

Also, my birthday is May 10..& I have to make a decision quick ... fml