How much spotting is normal?

Hey ladies, I've been on birth control (the pill) since January 23rd of this year. I started on orsythia and took that for 3 months and everything was great! Just spotting in between periods. Then I switched to Aviane, and apparently it's the exact same contents as orsythia, but ever since I've been on it I have had constant spotting for over a month. Plus sex has almost become unbearably painful. It hurts every single time, also lasting over a month. Today I began a new pill, Larin Fe 1/20 and I'm hoping it will fix the issue. Is this a normal issue/side effect?

Also, I've been tested and I don't have any STDs. My discharge is also normal, nothing off other than it being a little thicker due to the pill.

Any insight will help!!

Thanks ladies!!!