I don’t understand guys.

So I’ve known this guy for about 7 years now and he recently told me he wanted to be with me and wanted to get serious. And of course I was like sure why not. Ya know I’ve known you forever and we have been friends for a really long time and what not. Anyway he started like neglecting me. Like I mean I know he has a job and other priorities in his life but when I say he had been neglecting me I mean he would go days without texting me. Well when I said something about it and was like I think we should go back to being friends he just got kinda rude and was like fine. Well fast forward about a week or two and he msgs me saying he doesn’t wanna lose me and wants to still be with me and he’s sorry. So of course I give him another chance. Well he’s doing exactly what he did before... should I just break it off with him or should I just let it slide and see how things progress...?