Vaginal discomfort & itching


My vagina itches! I feel like I have a UTI or yeast infection. I am 3 weeks postpartum after a vaginal delivery (my first pregnancy) and I don't feel like my vaginal opening has closed up all of the way yet. I also had 2 stitches and a perineal laceration after giving birth to my baby girl.

I test positive for a UTI and took antibiotics a week ago and I still feel like crap down there. Has anyone dealt with this postpartum? I'm trying to wipe front to back or pat the area with toilet paper. I also used a squirt bottle in the beginning, but then stopped doing that. I also used witch hazel pads and then ran out of them last week, but I haven't purchased more. I have dermoplast too, but it's not really working very well, especially if there might be an infection. I'm waiting to hear back from my OB nurse today and hoping I can get an appointment set to go have my vagina checked and be tested again for a UTI. Ugh. My body hates me! 😞

Any advice or has anyone gone through a tough time trying the heal postpartum?