Rainbow Baby! 🌈

Lauren • Wife 💏 Dog Mama 🐶 Cat Mama 🐱 Pregnant with our Rainbow Baby 🌈 Due January 20, 2020 ❤️

Here’s a little back story on our pregnancy journey:

I married my husband in April of 2017. We started trying to conceive about 6 months later. Well fast forward to December 2018, I finally got my BFP after over a YEAR of TTC. I went in for my 8 week ultrasound SO excited to see our little baby only to find out the heartbeat stopped literally hours before our ultrasound. I took cytotec and induced the miscarriage in late January. That same week, I had appendicitis and had surgery to remove my appendix. One hell of a week if you ask me! 🙄

Here we are, on our second cycle of actively trying since our miscarriage and I got my BFP!!!! I am 10 dpo today and I could NOT WAIT. The first test I took was the First Response Rapid Result that is meant to use after you’ve missed your period. I thought I was crazy, so I went straight to the store for an early response. Sure enough, faint lines but there!!!

My husband is traveling for work and won’t be home until tomorrow night, so I will be putting together a cute “announcement” for him!

My estimated due date from Glow is January 17, 2020! ❤️🌈