Unexpected early birth.


Pretty long story. (Just warning)

Monday I had an appointment to check baby out and I was only 36 weeks and 3 days so baby was still growing. They checked my bp and it was a little high so they decided to test my urine for protein and sure enough they had found a high amount of it.

They sent me to the hospital to be monitored and to keep an eye on me and baby and soon decided to keep me. When they first checked my bp it was 220/110 so it was really bad. They had later diagnosed me with a really severe case of pre eclampsia.

I had to be put on magnesium and bp medicine to keep me stable. They had decided to keep me 24 hours before deciding to induce me. 3 doses of labetalol later and they are inducing me with cytotec because my bp won’t stay down. They checked me that night and I wasn’t dilated and they checked me again the next morning at 8 or 9 and I was 2cm and 60% effaced. We decided to try cervidill which did nothing so next was the balloon and a low dose of pitocin. The next morning I was checked and the ballon was coming out so they check me and I’m at 5 1/2cm and 60 effaced with a bulging water bag.

They came back in and broke my water and it immediately made me go to a 7. After that I decided to get my epidural because the pitocin contractions aren’t a joke. After my epidural I was able to sleep for an hour or two and then the pressure became horrible. He had moved further down but I wasn’t dilated anymore.

They gave me more medicine which helped with the pressure so I could go back to sleep. I woke up a couple minutes later with even worse pressure and they came and checked me and I was a 9 1/2 so they needed that small lip of cervix to go away before I could push. Once I was able to push I pushed for an 1 1/2 hours and he came shooting out. The doctor literally caught him when he came out. They cleaned him up and he was still a little quiet because the magnesium I was on and they let me hold him for a minute before taking him to the nicu. My poor baby was born at 36 weeks and I haven’t been able to hold him since about 4:30 on Wednesday. I finally got my catheter removed and my magnesium cut off so I can hopefully start to get up and go see my little baby here soon.

Luca Bailey Outlaw born at 4:12pm

5 lbs 13 oz and 19 in long.