Bf always want to have sex


So lately my bf has been telling me at random times (usually when I’m on my period) that he isn’t sexually satisfied.

We have sex literally every day. The past two days we haven’t and each time he literally rolls over and ignores me until he falls asleep. So surprise surprise I feel like shit because my man won’t touch me unless it’s sex or after sex.

He believes in a monogamous relationship it selfish of me to not satisfy him and then expect him to treat me normally.

We’ve been together for 3 + years. I understand sex gets boring, I personally feel ours isn’t. Since he told me about feeling unsatisfied I’ve had nonstop anxiety over it. I ask him weekly if I’m satisfying him and when this came up he pulled out the “well ive been unsatisfied for a while” bs

I think he’s being so ducking childish, and immature and fucking disrespectful of my body. He doesn’t care that when he rolls over and ignores me, it makes me feel like all good for is sex.

Has anyone else been through this or any thing similar and found a compromise or a way to effectively say “stop treating me like a sex doll”