Help urgent

I've been going through some shit show and I've said things crazy things to my boyfriend without thinking bit things not to him personally just decisions I've made one example and its gonna be horrible now that I know what I said I honestly feel so low and stupid I in a moment of rage said that j spent all my savings moving in with him which is true but I don't regret a thing its true I don't I am completely in love head over heels over this guy but today he stormed off he just broke up with me he said it was over that he has enough of my drama which honestly its bs. I know this story makes no sense but can't leg this guy go I love him. I asked for a second change low I know but wtf I can't. We live together we are currently sleeping together right now he said that tomorrow well be fine but I think he just said that for me to shut up I promised him a thousand time ill change but at the same time I cant let this put me so low j want to fight for this love I feel for him because I know he loves me too but I dont want to feel like I'm begging. On top of that he just told me he is just tired of the fights and that he is just tired so at this point I don't know what to do should I just give up and leave this guy alone of the fight for his love? Please I don't know what the fuck to do I'm lost I have no answer the love of my life just broke up with me because of my bs and drama but still gives me a change and tells me tomorrow well be fine. Should I stay or just grab everything and go or stay fight again and move on together please help I really see this guy in my future I love him I don't want to lose him ever but he literally said he was done he was tired like a thousand times help please sounding desperate but don't care too much my heart is crying in need advice