So I really (think) I'm pregnant. I literally have had every symptom but spotting and my missing period. But I'm suppose to get my period on Monday. But I also made a doctors appointment on Monday to get blood work done. I'm like 3 weeks I'm thinking. And I got two negative pregnancy tests. But the big things for me are constipation. Dizziness. Always hungry or can't stay full. ALWAYS tired. Back pain. Rib pain. Cramping. My stomach is always making funny noises. Bloated. Sore boobs. And they are swollen. Really weird dreams. And dry mouth. And of course Nausea. And headaches. And peeing more. I keep on going to google and YouTube. This is the REALEST pregnancy scare I have yet. I'm literally going crazy over this. It's been two weeks where I've been having these symptoms. But now I have more pms symptoms I feel like. I'm emotional. I'm breaking out now. I just don't know what's going on. Someone please help me out here if you can!!! Lol. Thank you!