Mother’s Day


Any other mothers get nothing for Mother’s Day? Yeah, me either. For weeks I’ve been very vocal that all I wanted was to have breakfast ad a handmade card or something from my husband and 2 year old. And by breakfast I mean toast and eggs or something easy like that. It’s a tradition that I always had with my mom and means a lot to me. But today my husband took our son this morning so I could “sleep” which I had already been up with him for over an hour so I couldn’t get back to sleep and so thinking that is what they were doing I stayed in bed and looked at my phone for 45 minutes to give him time and I come downstairs to nothing. Dishes even in the sink from the night before when he stayed up till 2 in the morning to play videos games and got snacks. Then he asks “what do you want to do today”. I had to go upstairs so I wouldn’t start crying (maybe extra hormonal because I’m pregnant).

Happy mother’s day everyone...