Possible pre-eclampsia/HELLP


I’m 36w3d and I’ve been swelling for the past few weeks. I’ve showed my dr but she said swelling is normal. The only shoes that fit me are my 2 strap Birks 😂☹️

My hands and fingers are swelling also. My hands are to the point where it hurts to flex or bend my fingers. I can’t wear any of my rings either.

Yesterday one of my legs looked a little more swollen than the other, but I couldn’t tell for sure. This morning I put my shoes on and the leg that I thought was more swollen was the shoe that felt tighter.

This morning I woke up with a headache. It doesn’t hurt terrible, but it’s lingering. I’ve had it since about 7 am since I woke up.

My blood pressure is always in a good range, usually 110-116/62 and I haven’t been informed of protein in my urine so I’m not quite sure if it could still be pre-eclampsia or not.

Any help??