Please take time to look, after chemical pregnancy..


So I got a positive pregnancy test and then two days later got my period. Super heavy. My Obgyn told me go to the hospital. And after the visit all they told me was that I had a miscarriage but they weren’t 100%. My hcg was 20 (which is super low) I would have been 4w5d. No sac was seen. So I tested today 4 days later thinking the 20 would be out of my system. But the line is only darker. They told me to follow up with another blood test on Monday to see if the numbers are decreasing and make sure not ectopic. I just have a wierd feeling about it all. Top are from Thursday and bottom from today. I thought 20hcg would be out of my system by now, three days .

Any thoughts ?! Thank you 🙏🏼