💦💦 help

I just want to know what you all do to get turned on / orgasms/ wet etc. I have absolutely no sex drive and it’s honestly the most frustrating thing ever. I have a boyfriend and I’m attracted to him heavily, and I have fantasies with him but I just don’t get wet. I know the problem is not with him because I adore him and i can’t get there myself either. I’ve tried many things but I can’t pleasure myself at all.

I’m almost 18 and I haven’t experienced anything my friends talk about because I just can’t seem to stimulate myself. My boyfriend thinks it might be from a past experience when I was a child but I’ve made peace with the event. Unless my body is still traumatised????

I’m really frustrated and sad that I can’t offer my boyfriend what he could get by other girls easily even though he keeps saying that he doesn’t want anyone else. Any suggestions as to what it could be or what I could do? Maybe I’m just approaching it wrong??