My husband hasn’t talked to me in 2 days

I’ve been working 6 days in a row and had a special event to work this weekend so I woke up extremely early to get ready. My vanity is in our bedroom and he hates when I turn on the lights and make noise early. I kept the top light off and just used my mirror light so I wouldn’t wake him.

Then I accidentally dropped my foundation lid which bounced across the floor loudly. He storms out of the room and leaves without saying bye. I didn’t hear from him all day. Then I got home and he’s not home yet.

Then I woke up this morning to an empty bed. He never came home. I still haven’t heard from him today. I understand him being upset but there was no respect for him to say he’s going to stay out and not come home. Not even check in.

I want to go stay at my moms. He’s hurt me so much I cried my eyes out being alone in our home and feeling so alone. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to escalate the situation by leaving or continuing not to reach out but he was in the wrong in my opinion