Sign of starting labor?


So I’m currently 36+3 weeks pregnant with my second. With my first I was induced due to high bp so I don’t know what to look for in natural labor starting. I did notice yesterday I was having a lot of pain in my tailbone and my stomach tightening a bit with loads of pressure down south. It happened every couple of hours so I didn’t look into it much.

Well today my stomach has been hurting and tightening at the top like every 30-45 minutes and I have been having a lot of loose stool (which is not normal for me-I’m usually so constipated)

Just wondering if this is my body starting to get labor going or if my body is just getting ready. I haven’t lost my mucus blood, no bloody show and my water hasn’t broke yet.

I’m just a little worried cause my doctor is out of town for the entire week and the other doctor on call is one me and my husband don’t care for at all. I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to check her positioning since she’s been breech for the last 11 weeks but no appointment scheduled until the 24th