Did the manager handle this properly?

Sierra šŸ–¤

So my question is.. do you think it's okay for a manager of a restaurant to tell a family it's time to leave just bc one of the family members happens to be an employee at that restaurant? The employee/family member is not on the clock, it's their day off and they are trying to enjoy mothers day with their family.

This happened to us today and I'm furious tbh. We were at a restaurant for 1 hour before 2 different employees, one being a manager came to our table and told my younger sister that we need to leave to open the table. There was 2 families at the host desk but also 3 other tables open. We had just finished our food and were contemplating desserts and just chatting and finishing our drinks. We left after we were told again and my mother went to speak to the manager about how this was handled bc we know they would never do this to a family that didnt have an employee as a family member. My mom was very kind, told the manager she found it disrespectful and that she was just trying to enjoy mothers day with her kids. That we paid over $250 for a meal and we rarely are able to all be together like this, especially since my mom has heart issues, had a heart attack this past year and has had 9 stints placed. The manager immediately went over the top, got into my moms face and told her she really didnt give a shit about her health and that she isnt the only mother and today isnt just about her. She then pointed at my little sister and said she was fired. My mom begged this manager not to fire my sister bc she had done nothing wrong, she wasnt even on duty! Well my older sister and I were outside the building, just watching to make sure our mom was okay due to her heart issues, we didnt say a word btw. My sister in law was standing beside my mom holding her baby who is 1, the manager was yelling all of this at my mom and my sister in law asked her to please lower her voice bc my mom has heart issues. She then put her hand in my sister in laws face, my sister in law told her to get her hand out of her face. The manager then said we all needed to leave bc my sister in law (the woman with the baby as she said) threatened her. which isnt true. She simply told her to get her hand out of her face. The manager then has her hand on my mothers back, guiding her out the door in a way and points to us all and tells us to leave or shes calling the PD and that we are all banned from there. I spoke up and asked for corporates number and she told me to find it online. We then were in the parking lot consoling my mom who was bawling and btw only weighs 110 lbs, never rose her voice, never cussed, etc.. and the manager came out there and once again told us she was calling the PD.

The manager told my mom that it's in their employee handbook that employees cannot sit around and talk after they're done eating. I highly doubt that is suppose to mean while they're off the clock and are there with family as paying customers. And even if my sister works there, the rest of us do not and shouldn't have been told to leave when we werent even really fully done. And my mom should have been able to talk to manager adult to adult without the woman getting into her face, cussing, etc. And ultimately banning us all, even those of us who werent even apart of the conversation with the manager.

Sorry this was so long! What do you think? Did the manager handle this properly? Should she have handled it differently? Should a family be told to clear out simply bc an employee is a family member? Also, how would you have handled this situation if it were your family?


My sister just texted me and said her gm did text her and apologize for her reacting quickly and harshly towards my sister. She asked to sit down and discuss future employment with her if she would like. She said she was having a bad day due to her mother being in the hospital and her having to work instead of be with her. I dont agree with everything that happened but I do understand what it's like to have an ill mother and how hard that is on a person. I wont personally be calling corporate any longer, as long as she does make things right with my sister and hopefully she will maybe apologize for how she was to my mom as well (šŸ¤žšŸ¤ž) We will see how it all turns out and I will update you all too!

**2nd update**

My mom posted on the restaurants Facebook page a complaint and they messaged her asking her phone number so the regional manager can contact her. So were waiting for the call!

*** 3rd update***

The regional manager did call my mom and was very kind to her. He said that there was never a reason for any employee to ask us to leave and it should have never happened at all. He said they have an expected turn over time but if a customer wants to sit there for 8 hours then they can. He said my sister was a paying customer and there is nothing in their handbook saying she cant eat there with family or that she cant sit and chat after a meal if she wants to. He has said he had my sisters back 110% and she is not fired and he will give her his direct number to report any further issues if any arise. He also said my family is not banned and are welcome at any of his restaurant locations. Hes also giving my family a free meal if we so choose to go again. He will also he pulling the gm and putting her back into training at their main location and will not be put back into a management role of a store unless/until they feel she is fully ready to interact with customers properly. My little sister also just met with the gm who did apologize to her about her behavior and told her she was wrong for how she acted to our family and in firing my sister. I'm sure she apologized bc the regional manager spoke with her but either way, I am happy that my sister has her job is she chooses and that the regional manager seemed to care and handle this way better then the gm did.