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Dereka • mommy of an angel 👼 21. rainbow baby otw 😩🌈🤰🏽 due Jan 2020 🥰

I’m going to start off by saying Happy Mother’s Day! & I’m hoping that you all are enjoying it.

Okay here we go...so I am 6 weeks & 3 days pregnant. last night I was sleep g very peacefully. I don’t remember my dream but it ended up with me having an orgasm in my sleep 😂 okay no seriously...so I started cramping really really bad after that so I went to the bathroom but no blood. Can that cause a miscarriage. I’m still having small little symptoms like a little nausea, my breast are as sore as everyone else is saying theirs is, hunger, tired, and ligament pain sometimes...I’m just nervous because around this time I thought everything was okay and not even 2 weeks later at 8 weeks 5 days I had a missed miscarriage. anyone? help?