Were not who we used to be anymore. HELP!!!!!

I know I posted this in another group but I need to get it out

We grew up together, were attracted to each other as teenagers, it was never the right time for us. He had a girlfriend, or I would have a boyfriend. The attraction was always there though. When we were finally single together we just gravitated to each other, everyone would comment about how it was "about time". We fell in love hard and fast, couldn't keep away from each other, couldn't keep our hands off each other. We grew together. Were always crazy about each other, we never lacked in passion no matter how many years had gone by. We started our little family not too long after we made it official. We truly believe that we are each others soul mate. I know how corny it sounds. When we married it was the happiest day of my life. 12 years on and I have only gotten more attracted to him. I have a huge crush on him. We have had our ups and downs and suffered many losses and always mourned together, leaned on each other, supported each other in every way and came through everything together. We have a very tight knit relationship. Lately he has been ignoring my needs both emotionally and physically. The man who couldn't keep his hands off of me, now will not touch me. He doesn't initiate anything anymore, no date nights, no mothers day card (happy mothers day everyone!) No anniversary, birthday, no texts anymore. I get left on read for hours at a time before I get a reply. He never texts first anymore. He has just become emotionally and physically distant. I miss my husband but I am tired of chasing him. (I know he's not cheating, it's not his MO, that and he wouldn't have the time to) idk, it just feel like I'm the only one in our marriage now. Idk how to fix this one.

I will reply here

I've talked about it until I am blue in the face. He says he will be better but nothing ever changes. I feel I am playing a losing game. We only have date night or sex if I initiate it. I'm tired of it

@bethany I don't think so, things seem to be going great for him, his career has been taking a turn for the better. He seems happy, just not with me 😓

@sonshine I'd say since January, February