Uncontrollable Tears After Being Unable To Climax


I’ve experienced this since I started having sex. When I get somewhat close to orgasm but am unable to finish, my body shakes and tears literally spring forth from me. And my vagina literally aches because it’s been building up to orgasm and contracting but doesn’t get to finish. I’ve attempted to research this but the only articles that come up are about women that cry AFTER orgasm. So I can’t really find any research for why I cry before release.

I understand that this could be my bodies way of “releasing” the pent up energy when it was unable to release it through orgasm but I really wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. And if you know why this happens please share.

It bothers me that I can’t control my emotions like normal and it kinda freaks out my husband because he feels so bad that I couldn’t finish and now I’m crying 😂 I tell him every time I’m not upset and that I can’t control it. It just happens.