To any SAHM or former SAHM

Do or did you get treated like complete shit by your significant other because they had/have control over money? The ones who really have no other place to go, and that gets used as their way to do whatever the F*&K they want , and get away with it?

I've been a stay at home mom for just two years now, and since I became pregnant we both decided I will stay home with our child. And since I have started allowing him to be our "bread winner".. he has treated me like shit. He yelling, cussing, lying, leaving, neglecting me completely. He does whatever he wants. While I stay at home, treating him perfectly bc if I do not , me and our son will get kicked out and have no money or place to go.

To anyone who has been there, and maybe gotten out of this horrible situation.. how do I do the same? I'm so depressed and can't even stand the thought of this shitty human being. I need advise..anything please